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Dr. Robert Santella, MD : Abortionist

Welcome to Hollywood Squares!

Can you decode the encypted iconic message below?

Valerie Jarrett Anthony Weiner Huma Abedin Barack Hussein Obama Hillary Clinton  
Piers Morgan al gore rage don't look at me You better look out, or I'll barbecue your ASS you Infidel!    
Piers Morgan Al Gore Barbara Feinstein Ahmadinejad    
coming to a town near you soon focus, ready, steady, fire! Dude, I'm going to blow chunks, give me a barf bag not guilty ... yeah right, Rock - Paper - Scissors KKK
Radioactive Osama bin Laden Kim Jung Il Jesse Jackson Jimmy Carter Hidden Hatred
he murdered how many people? I've only made 1 mistake F*CKN LIBERALS i have more power in this little finger than...   scary biohazard symbol
Josef Stalin Ted Kennedy Bill Maher Nancy Pelosi   Post Carbon Life
scary soviet symbol obnoxious Michael Moore : aka Loser Gufaw Swing dancer the devil  made me do it
Communism Al Sharpton Michael Moore Tim Robbins Saddam Hussein Adolf Hitler
broken cross   please put something in my mouth, or I'll move to France. f*uck you if you can't take a joke! eat another hot dog Al control the media control the world
Peace My Ass   Alec Baldwin Barbara Streisand Al Sharpton Ted Turner
he'll take my call impeaching me wasn't nice, I was impeached you know? sit down you weiner! It was just a little lie. for rent Islam
Joker Bill Clinton Janet Reno Dan Rather Vacant Convert or Die
ass peace and quiet is more like it Martin kerry before plastic surgery ... lets not forget plain stupidity ... soon to be forgotten smoker lung cancer fool I'm coming for you
Democratz Martin Sheen John Kerry The Dixie Chicks Sean Penn Grim Reaper
poison 2008 ... can we say 'belly flop'? sit on it where's my pants? I can fly in my dreams! knock knock
Poison XXX Hillary Clinton Rosie O'Donnell George Clooney Cindy Sheehan Joe Lieberman
unbiased? doh! barbecued terrorist evil eyes tom cruise remember when : Gomer & Kerry who is today's turd? rainbow glee club
Amanpour Just Desserts Tom Cruise Goofy Twins Mystery Guest Out
cheap shots oh yeah, smoke dope, feel good, be stupid for the rest of your life. crazy woody has a cult followign crazy charlie has cult following crazy brian warner has a cult following ... turn down that NOISE you little boy who plays with his mothers makeup... shocking communism does not work
Barbara Boxer Mary Jane Woody Harrelson Charles Manson Marilyn Manson Mao Tse Tung
Is this guy black or white? exiled blind fool genius   eat me
Gene Simmons Michael Jackson Keith Richards Chimp   Pork
dead who dunnit? I'm going to catch them. think the devil isn't real now? scary elderphile gross
Anton Lavey OJ Simpson Satan Barney Anna Nicole Smith Madonna
the real meaning of Christmas in the 21st Century? smile but wait, thats not all! hey, whats the big idea? poopy spin doctor
Christmas Happy Cutlery George Soros Pooping on People David Geffen
Phil Spector Perez Hilton Barbara Boxer Rob Reiner John Travolta L. Ron Hubbard douche
Phil Spector Perez Hilton
(Mario Lavandeira)
Barbara Boxer Rob Reiner John Travolta L. Ron Hubbard
Paris Hilton no makeup Britney Spears no hair John Edwards no future Timothy McVeigh Ramsi Yousef Barak Hussein Obama
  Paris Hilton
(no makeup)
Britney Spears
(no hair)
John Edwards
(no future)
Timothy McVeigh
(no country)
Ramsi Yousef
(no god)
Barak Obama
(no confidence)

This is scandalous art that stimulates thought and cleverly evokes emotion, be it outrage or laughter.
Such is the nature of the world we live in, someone is always saying something that someone else is offended by.
In the words of Rodney King, "Why can't we all just get along?"
God only knows.

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